Urządzenia RUVIS do lokalizacji śladów daktyloskopijnych

Zestawy urządzeń RUVIS stanowią nową ofertę firmy SIRCHIE. Pozwalają one na bezpośrednią lokalizację na podłożu występujących na nim śladów daktyloskopijnych, bez konieczności wcześniejszego  ich ujawniania.

Oferta SIRCHIE zawiera szereg zestawów dostosowanych do potrzeb odbiorców końcowych. Zestawy te mogą być wykorzystywane na miejscu zdarzenia lub w warunkach laboratoryjnych.

W celu lokalizacji śladów na miejscu zdarzenia wykorzystuje się dwuobiektywową kamerę o numerze katalogowym KSS7997 CYCLOPS. Kamerę KSS7997 CYCLOPS można montować na głowie przy wykorzystaniu występującej w zestawie uprzęży. Zaletą takiego rozwiązania jest uwolnienie rąk prowadzącego oględziny. Możliwe jest również trzymanie kamery bezpośrednio w ręku.

Lokalizacji śladów na podłożu możemy również dokonywać przy pomocy jednoobiektywowej kamery KRIMESITE™ IMAGER. Zaletą tej kamery jest możliwość stosowania dużych powiększeń śladu oraz bezpośredniego fotografowania widocznych śladów.

 Trzecim rozwiązaniem jest połączenie kamery KRIMESITE™ IMAGER z komputerem. Rozwiązanie to pozwala na bezpośrednie zapisywanie w komputerze zdigitalizowanych śladów.



Reflected Ultraviolet Imaging System



The KRIMESITE Imager is a no-touch technology utilizing Reflected Ultraviolet Imaging (RUVIS) to detect latent fingerprints without the use of powders or chemicals. SIRCHIE® provides various options to allow the user to search, view, and capture latent prints and other evidence not visible to the unaided eye. With the use of shortwave UV (254nm UVC), the KRIMESITE is extremely versatile, allowing usage in various lighting conditions, and is ideal when trying to identify the most evidence with the best available technology.


How It Works

Shortwave UV light (254nm UVC) is emitted on to the surface to be examined for latent prints. UV light is either reflected or absorbed by the surface, and in the case of fingerprint residues containing oils and/or amino acids, the UV light is reflected and scattered. This UV light is focused through the lens and UV filter, and then enhanced by the image intensifier, converting it into visible light, and revealing the latent print. Since most materials absorb shortwave UV light, the background appears black and only the print is visible, eliminating background patterns and colors.


Fast Filter Selection

Using an integral filter holder with two positive click-stop positions Allowi for fast filter selection. Each dual filter slide assembly carries a UV filter and a filter for visible viewing.

Using the Visible Filter

Photograph a multicolored surface using a digital camera connected to the KRIMESITE™ IMAGER with the filter in the Visible position. In the Visible Mode, the fingerprint remains hidden but the surface is revealed.

Using the UV Filter

Photograph the same multicolored surface using a digital camera connected to the KRIMESITE™ IMAGER with the filter in the UV position. In the UV Mode, the latent fingerprint is revealed while cancelling out all background colors.


 Metal filing cabinet photographed in natural light—no visible fingerprints.

Untreated metal filing cabinet photographed with a digital camera connected to the KRIMESITE™ IMAGER.



The Krimesite™ IMAGER is capable of enhancing and obtaining exceptional reproduction of fingerprints fumed with cyanoacrylate (superglue) without the use of dye-staining, lasers or alternate light sources. This applies to fumed latent fingerprints on multicolored backgrounds as well.

 Photograph of multicolored soda can in natural light— no visible fingerprint.

 Cyanoacrylate-fumed fingerprint on the same soft drink can be photographed with a digital camera connected to the Krimesite™ IMAGER



Zestaw zawierający pojedynczą kamerę KRIMESITE™ IMAGER w/KSS100b 60mm UV Lens

THE Krimesite™ Imager Direct view kit

From the redesigned lightweight body, fashioned from a single piece of extruded aluminum, to the superior 60mm 4 element all quartz lens with dual filter sidle assembly—the KSS60 sets a new standard for crime scene search capability. The 60mm UV lens is our very finest, which requires no add-on lens adapters for closeup and distance viewing. Because of this exceptional lens and filter combination, close-up, distance viewing, and photography can be accomplished without ever changing the mechanical configuration of the device. The Direct View Kit comes with everything you need to search a crime scene for latent prints on smooth, non-porous surfaces.


Cat. no KSS60, KRIMESITE™ IMAGER Direct View Kit w/60mm UV Lens



Zestaw zawierający pojedynczą kamerę KRIMESITE™ IMAGER w/KSS100b 60mm UV Lens ze stabilizerem

KRIMESITE™ Direct View Kit with black talon Stabilizer

The Black Talon is comprised of a lightweight support structure engineered to provide the correct lens-to-subject distance for viewing and photography. The built-in precision laser-engraved sliding photo evidence scale is easily positioned into or out of the field-of-view, allowing the photograph to be scaleń 1-to-1 at a later time, as required. Dual 4-watt shortwave UV lamps (included) are attached to the fully adjustable support/swing arms, providing the necessary angle of incidence required for maximum contrast.




Easy Atta chment to The Imager

The BTS100 Black Talon Stabilizer has been optimized to easily receive the KRIMESITE™ IMAGER. Attachment is accomplished by removing the pistol grip, properly positioning the Talon, and reattaching the grip to the Imager.

No Tools Required… System Sets Up in Seconds

Photographic tripods are necessary when recording evidence at the scene, but when close-up photography is required, tripods are cumbersome and inefficient. The BTS100 eliminates this hassle by providing sturdy support when working with vertical or horizontal surfaces/evidence. Also, when longer shots requiring a standard photo tripod are needed, the en tire assembly may be quickly mounted to a tripod. The only disassembly required is to unscrew the stud at the bottom of the pistol grip and attach the tripod mount. Assemble the Imager and the Talon when you arrive at the scene and disassemble when you’re ready to leave.


Cat. no KSS60TALON, KRIMESITE™ IMAGER Direct View Kit w/Black Talon

Cat. no BTS100, Black Talon Stabilizer, only (US Patent No. 7,050,715)


Scan-N-Find™ Imager … an Afforda ble Alternative

The Scan-N-Find™ UV Imaging System simplifies the search for latent evidence that could be easily overlooked. With a variable focus wide-angle 25mm UV lens, it is capable of scanning a large area in a short amount of time. In addition, the wide-field, focusable eyepiece assures the elimination of eyestrain. The Imager’s light-weight body is constructed from a single piece of extruded aluminum chich features a User-Facing Control Panel. The unit is powered by a single CR123 Lithium battery. The Laser Pointer, located on the left hand side, is powered by two type L1154 batteries (included). The KSS 8997 uses a high-quality image intensifier tube and the UV filter provides peak UV transmission at 254nm.


Cat. no KSS8900, Scan-N-Find™ Pocket Imager Kit



Zestaw zawierający pojedynczą kamerę KSS7997 CYCLOPS w/PSS100b 25mm Quartz Objective Lens w/integral 254nm filter

CYCLOPS Imaging System

The CYCLOPS is a true hands-free RUVIS Imaging System specifically designed with the crime scene search in mind. The housing of the CYCLOPS Imaging System is fashioned from durable injection-molded material. It is equipped with a 25mm f/2.8 objective lens and two 15mm easily-focused eyepiece assemblies. Comfortable viewing is afforded by soft rubber eyecups. The unit can be hand-held with or without the detachable pistol grip or configured with the head mount assembly Untreated latent print on a metal filing cabinet for hands-free use.


Cat. no KSS7900, CYCLOPS Imaging System w/25mm UV Lens



Zestaw zawierający kamerę KRIMESITE™ IMAGER w/KSS100b 60mm UV Lens oraz kamerę KSS7997 CYCLOPS w/PSS100b 25mm Quartz Objective Lens w/integral 254nm filter


This Master RUVIS Kit has been specifically designed for those agencies requiring versatility in both the field and the laboratory. The KSS60 KRIMESITE™ IMAGER is extraordinary for use in the laboratory and for photographing untreated latent fingerprints (when a camera is connected). The KSS7900 CYCLOPS offers exceptional search capabilities. These two kits combined offer unsurpassed benefits and features for the crime scene technician, the latent print examiner and the crime laboratory. In addition, with the KSS60MRK, one person can be scanning the area using the CYCLOPS Imager while the other person conducts close-up examination and photography with the KRIMESITE™ IMAGER. The perfect combination!





Zestaw komputerowy do digitalizacji śladów


Utilize the power of RUVIS technology in the laboratory with ease. The KSSLABKAM integrates the technology of the Krimesite Imager into a Digital video system that allows the user to scan evidence and capture latent print images of superior quality. The system features a digital video feed in a true grayscale, and allows images to be captured in a variety of formats, including uncompressed files RAW, TIFF, JPG and BMP. The capture software also includes a “note field” for each image that can be saved as a text file, enabling case notes to be added for each save. The software is user friendly, allowing the operator to begin looking for latent prints minutes after set-up. In addition, the software is completely portable, so it can be loaded on other PCs and allows anyone to be a viewer of the captured images. KSSLABKAM features two 13 watt Shortwave Light Sources on flexible arms, so the user can get all of the correct orientations without having to hold anything. The unit features an easy to manipulate column that can be changed in seconds with one hand, and allows for easily switching from flat objects to 3D objects. Overall, the KSSLABKAM delivers the power of RUVIS in a perfect user friendly laboratory package, creating another tool for collecting the most evidence possible.


As with all RUVIS Systems, the LabKam utilizes shortwave UV lighting. Eye and skin protection must be worn

The matte black base is engraved with a 28cm x 30cm grid to facilitate proper evidence placement.

Quickly and precisely increase or decrease the lens-tosubject distance using the column height adjustment. 

The LabKam System comes complete with a desktop PC with Capture Software included. The built-in camera eliminates all extra steps currently needed to use a camera. Viewing the evidence and saving an image of the latent prints are combined into one simple process.

The included user-friendly software allows the operator to begin looking for latent prints minutes after set-up and to observe latent prints as they appear on the monitor—you can sit or stand in front of the evidence easily.


Cat. no KSSLABKAM, LabKam Laboratory Video-Based RUVIS Capture System



Akcesoria do systemu RUVIS

Puissant 30-watt UV Light Source

The SKSUV30 lamp provides high intensity shortwave (254nm) illumination when searching large areas for latent prints. Two 15-watt germicidal lamps provide a full 30 watts of shortwave light. It is equipped with a shortwave filter that blocks visible light, while the SKSUV40 is supplied without the filter. A sturdy base provides self-support when hands-free operation is needed. The Puissants feature dual voltage capability for either 110V or 220V AC operation. The light Skurce may be transported or stored in its carrying case.


Cat. no SKSUV30, Puissant 30-watt UV Light w/filter & Carrying Case

Cat. no SKSUV40, Puissant 30-watt UV Light (unfiltered) & Carrying Case

Cat. no SKSUV30B, Replacement Bulb, 15-watt (254nm)


RUVIS Companion Laborat ory Illuminat or Portability and utility are the most outstanding features of the Companion Laboratory Illuminator. This 110V AC UV illuminator uses a 13-watt 254nm germicidal lamp. The iluminator automatically turns on by lifting the head. It is capable of swinging 180°, easily accommodating a variety of usage situations.                             


Cat. no SKSUV13, RUVIS Companion Laboratory Illuminator, 110V

Cat. no SKSUV13B, Replacement Lamp, 13-watt (254nm)


Short wave UV Mini Light Source

Specifically designed for use with the KRIMESITE™ IMAGER, the CUV100TS also serves as a fully portable, battery-operated shortwave UV light source for field and lab use. Powered by four AA alkaline batteries (included), it is equipped with one 4-watt germicidal bulb protected by a brushed nickeloid shield. This light works great In tight spaces or for close-up examination.


Cat. no CUV100TS, Shortwave UV Mini Light Source

Cat. no 6247, Replacement Bulb, 4-watt (254nm)


UV Protective Spectacles

Top and side shield design provides full protection from harmful shortwave UV radiation emitted from UV and Merkury lamps, and eliminates “blue haze” from longwave UV. Polycarbonate construction and impact-resistant.


UV Protective Goggles

Constructed of specially formulated plastic which blocks UV transmission over all UV wavelengths and provides optimum kontrast in viewing and lessened eye fatigue. A lightweight design with flexible rubber trim fits comfortably on the face—even over prescription glasses.


Cat. no 797GV, UV Protective Spectacles

Cat. no 798GV, UV Protective Goggles


UV Protective Face Shield

Specially designed to protect the en tire face from hazardous shortwave UV light while completely eliminating “blue haze” interference normally associated with long wavelengths. Dimensions: 8.25"H x 17" dia. (20.9cm x 43.2cm).


UV Protective Face Shield with Shroud

This specially designed shield offers 100% head and neck UV protection. The face shield places an impenetrable barrier between the wearer and the UV source. The dense Otton weave shroud completes the barrier and is quickly removed or attached with Velcro®. The face shield is fashioned from tough, impact-resistant polycarbonate material and features a sturdy, adjustable head mount with flip-up feature. The 798GVH was specifically designed for use with high-intensity shortwave UV sources such as the SKSUV30 lamp.

Cat. no 799GV, UV Protective Face Shield

Cat. no 798GVH, UV Protective Face Shield w/Shroud


SIRCHPOD® Copy Stand

This provides a steady tripod support for close-up viewing or photography. Easy portability and fast setup at the crime scene—quickly disassembles for compact storage. It is comprised of 3 telescoping legs mounted to a base with an adjustable camera head mount that tilts a full 180°.


Cat. no KSS9200, SIRCHPOD® Copy Stand


SIRCHPOD® Adjusta ble Light Support System

The KSS9200 SIRCHPOD® has proven to be a valuable tool in photo applications. Designed primarily for use with the KRIMESITE™ Imager, it facilitates close-up evidence examination and photography. However, separate light sources were necessary. The Adjustable Light Support System satisfies this need. It can be easily attached to the KSS9200 without the need of tools. With the addition of the Adjustable Light Support System, your SIRCHPOD® becomes a complete, self-contained photo lighting system as shown in the left margin.

The KSS9200UL includes two CUV100TS UV Mini Light Sources (254nm)—the KSS9200U comes without lights.


Cat. no KSS9200UL, SIRCHPOD® Adjustable Light Support System with two CUV100TS Mini UV Light Sources (254nm)

Cat. no KSS9200U, SIRCHPOD® Adjustable Light Support System (only)


Professional Duty Tripod

This Professional Duty Tripod is an excellent companion to any of our KRIMESI TEKits. Use this tripod to mount our UVP600ST or UVP120ST Shortwave UV Lights (see Alternate Light Sources)—freeing your hands and allowing you to continue your search of the crime scene with the Imager.


Cat. no BM6009, Professional Duty Tripod


tripod Pistol-grip pa n head

This Pistol-Grip Pan Head features a unique ball and socket joint that lock and unlocks using a trigger switch. Mount any light equipped for tripodmounting to this pan head and make position adjustments on-the-fly.


Cat. no KSSPG, Tripod Pistol-Grip Pan Head


Relay Lens Adapter

This adapter is comprised of 3 lenses contained in a precision-machined aluminum housing. It is designed to optically couple a digital or film camera to the KRIMESITE™ IMAGER for optimum photographic capabilities.


Cat. no KSSRL01, Relay Lens Adapter


Photo Evidence Scales

These scales are printed black with white markings for placement near RUVIS latent fingerprint images for scaled photography. Scales have English and metric measure.


Cat. no EPS30KS, Six Inch (15 cm) Photo Evidence Scales, 10 each


Arrow Designat ors

Use arrow designators in conjunction with the KRIMESITE™ IMAGER mounted laser pointer for temporarily indicating latent fingerprint locations or selected target areas.


Cat. no KSS684 Arrow Designators, 100 each


KSSDIG Digita l Camera Kit

The high-resolution digital camera in this kit offers the capability to photograph the crime scene and record latent evidence directly through the KRIMESITE™ IMAGER. The included adapter allows for quick and easy attachment to the Imager within a matter of seconds and the printer connects directly to the camera for quick full color 4" x 6" (10.2cm x 15.2cm) printouts AT the scene. Also included in this kit is the 30-watt shortwave UV Puissant Light.


Cat. no KSSDIG, Digital Camera Kit



Szkolenie z zakresu obsługi sprzętu RUVIS



This 8-hour “Training Certification Course”, conducted at your facility, is hands-on, classroom style training that covers a broad range of topice relating to the KRIMESITE™ IMAGER and related accessories. This extremely thorough course is applicable to all RUVIS Systems. Both a practical and written exam will be given at the end of the training day. Upon successful completion of this course, SIRCHIE® will send each attendee a printed certificate of training. Course Fee includes all of instructor’s travel related expenses.


Training Course Topics:

Overview of RUVIS Technology;

Laboratory Use; Proper UV Safety; Luminol

Procedures; RUVIS Search Techniques; Film & Digital Photography; Angles &

Distances (UV light); and Sizing Fingerprints for AFIS Submission.


Cat. no KSSTRAIN, 8-Hour On-Site Training Course (domestic agencies only)